I have treated lots of conditions over my 35 years as an OBS/GYN physician.

These days however, I am semi-retired, though I provide consults to attorneys with legal cases that have medical issues. For more on this, please go to http://mdlcmia.com for my MD Legal Consulting Miami website.

I also perform telehealth  virtual consults for  COVID-19, regular colds, bladder infections, birth control pills, rings, patches and shot, and male and female hormone therapy.

In-person visits however, are reserved for Buprenorphine (ie. Suboxone) opiate use disorder patients

as well as cosmetic injectable Botox, Dysport and Juvedern injectable patients.

I am available Monday through Saturday, some evenings and some Sundays. The location is in Cutler Bay, Florida near US1 and Marlin Road at 10391 SW 198th Street. Text or call 305-804-5751 and please leave a voice-mail. Visits are appointment only and payable with cash, debit and credit cards, Zelle and Pay-Pal. I don’t take insurance.

For those of you seeing help for opiates addiction who aren’t on Buprenorphine already, the visit costs $200 and lasts ~4 hours so I can determine your correct dosage. You must stop opiates for 10 to 12 hours since you must be in withdrawal to take it safely. If not, taking Buprenorphine too early will worsen your withdrawal. If you are taking  longer-acting Fentanyl or 30mg or less of Methadone for a week or less, stop it for 36 to 72 hours.

If you are already taking Buprenorphine however, your first visit should only take about 90 minutes, costs $150 and you don’t have to be in withdrawal.

Until then everyone, please be well.